Attention Web Platform

We are proud to present Attention Web Platform – a complete new portal solution to Canto Cumulus.

It is designed to provide easy and fast access to assets in Cumulus, where the user can find and download relevant information via a nice and intuitive web interface.

With more than 25 years of experience, we develop, develop and implement unique modules for Cumulus DAM solutions.

Our staff of experienced and dedicated employees is your peace of mind for one reliable and value-added platform that supports your business in day – and is scalable for what’s expected tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you work from your mobile, from a tablet or at your desktop computer. With a great looking, modern and responsive design, we have made it possible to get access from any device.

Attention Web Platform is fast and includes more features than ever seen in any other web solutions build for Cumulus.

Tons of Options


Category Tags

Images Selections

Easy Upload

Upload & Share

Responsive Design

Works on all devices; Desktop computers, tablets and mobile.

Easy Installation

Easy to install, setup and upgrade via Cumulus Server Console.

Fullscreen Preview

Fullscreen preview. Works for all asset types; Images, PDF, Video etc.

Show on Map

Display assets in a map view, based on geolocation.

High Performance

Optimal and fast user experience with a beautiful design.


Share with your contacts via Collection Link, Direct Link or Social Media.

Welcome to Attention Web Platform

The first page you see is the welcome page. The images that are shown is a random presentation of selected images from Cumulus, which gives a more living site. The logo, colors and the text can easily be customized in order to meet your brand design.

Access can be anonymous guest-access where you already from the first page can perform a search. If you want high security the login can require user name and password (or integration with SAML), to protect your valuable data.

The site can be localized and works with the multilingual function in Cumulus.

Visit the Attention Web Platform live demo!

Get a great overview

One of the most important features in Cumulus is the availability to search across records, categories and even in different catalogues. With AWP this has become much easier where you easily can choose the best view that fits your needs.

AWP offers several different presentation of records.

Thumbnail View
This is a great view where you get a nice overview of records found. It shows a thumbnail of the asset as well as selected metadata. The thumbnails can either be squared or presented in the original form.

Gallery View
The whole new Gallery view, presents the records in a fantastic way cleaned for all other information’s. This view is perfect if you want to get inspired or look for a specific motive.

Report View
This view is great when the metadata are important. The design allow presentation of more metadata and longer text fields, so you can show more information’s for each record.

Maps View
Present your records on a map based on geo-location.

Responsive – Works on all platforms

AWP is designed to work on all platforms, so you can access the site from your desktop at the office or the tablet or mobile when you are on the road.

Categories and filters

The categories in Cumulus is a great tool to organize data in a tree structure. We have brought this further by redesigning the use, so it works similar to standard webshops. For huge category structures or if you are unsure where to look, you can always do a free text search in the category tree.

And if that is not enough, you can combine the selection with filters. Filters are based on metadata for each record and is used to narrow down your search and be more specific.

AWP support the following filter types:
– Field Value
– User Input
– Based on queries

The category and filter bar can be shown or hidden to your preferences.


When working with media files, it is important the user can view assets before download. AWP supports preview of files and even full screen preview for an optimal view. You can even zoom in and see details in an image. For multi-page documents like PDF or PowerPoint files, it’s even possible to navigate through the document to see all pages or slides.

Attention Web Platform is fully integrated with Attention Video Manager, for optimal play back of video and download of video in several resolutions.

Information View

The information view shows detailed information’s of a record. Which fields that are listed, is administrated via Cumulus Record View set. A field can be hidden if empty. And it’s possible to collapse and expand content in a separator.

Categories and Keywords are active links, so it’s easy to jump to other records that belongs to the same category or keyword.
If the record contains geotagging, a small map can show the location via Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.

The Information view contain a larger thumbnail and videos can be played  directly from this view.

Category Information View

This is an option to the three main views, where information’s of a selected category can be presented above the related records. This function is extremely valuable if you want to tell a story about records in a category.

Download of assets

Assets can be downloaded from almost any view. Downloads can be a copy of the original file or a converted version. It can even be with a visible watermark, if you wants to protect your assets. The selection of download options are based on Cumulus Asset Actions and can fully be configured by the administrator.

Optionally the user can be requested to accept Terms and Conditions, to ensure proper use of the downloaded asset.

Cropping before download

Images can be cropped before download. The options are all defined via Cumulus Asset Actions allowing the user to specify the crop-area.
The crop-settings can be specified with a fixed ratio and fixed output size, which is great when downloading images used for e.g. CMS systems.

Collection Basket

Use the Collection basket if you want to download more assets. Here you can collect assets and download them all at once. The files will be packed in a ZIP-file and can even be converted on the fly.

For users that are logged in, and with the right permissions, it’s even possible to send a link to the current Collection Basket to any recipient.


Use the Quick-link function to get at a direct link to a selected record or category. That link can be inserted into an email so your colleagues or others can easily get access to assets.

You can even share Quick-links via Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Easy setup and administration

All administration of AWP is easily handled via Cumulus Server Console. This is the control panel to every setting in AWP.



  • Anonymous guest access or login with username and password.
  • Show or hide welcome page with fixed or random background image based on selected records.
  • Multilingual – can support all languages. Currently it works with English, German, French and Danish.
  • Support for multiple catalogues.
  • Settings for choice of root category.
  • Hide records by query.
  • Responsive – works on Desktop computers, tablets or mobile.

Presentation of records

  • Thumbnail view, Gallery view, Report view, Map view and Preview.
  • Small, medium or large thumbnail size with custom sizes.
  • Custom sorting of records.
  • Manually choose number of records shown pr. page or automatic “fit to” available screen space.
  • Optional watermark on thumbnail and preview.

Categories and filters


  • Quick search in Categories.
  • Show and hide category tree and filters.
  • Filter via Field Values, User Input or Query.
  • Show Category information’s above records.



  • Full screen preview with zoom.
  • Navigation in multi-page documents (including PDF), even with zoom.
  • Cache of generated previews for optimal presentation of large files.
  • Fully integrated with Attention Video Manager for optimal video playback.
  • Navigate to the next record without exiting the Preview window.
  • Toggle Information window sidebar while remaining in Preview window.

Information View


  • Hide fields without information.
  • Active links to Categories or Keywords.
  • Active links to related records.
  • Active links to URL's or Email addresses.
  • Geotagging – show location in Google Maps or OpenStreetMap.
  • Collapsible separator’s
  • Fully integrated with Attention Video Manager for optimal video playback
  • Navigate to the next record without exiting the Information window.

Collection basket and download


  • Download of single records or all in Collection basket.
  • Download via Asset Actions specified in Cumulus.
  • Crop before download – fixed or custom image size.
  • Terms and Conditions confirmations before download.
  • Disable download of records by query.



  • Link to single records or categories via url.
  • Supports with Cumulus Download Collections generated from Cumulus Client, Portals and WebClient.
  • Supports all direct URLs: Preview, Thumbnail, Asset
  • Link to Social Media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.

User Management


  • Allow user to create new account.
  • Allow user to reset password.
  • Full support for SAML.
  • Option to force users to accept terms and conditions before login.
  • Option to hide user login icon for public sites.

Help and contact


  • Custom link to external site for easy administration of help and contact page.
  • Full documentation for administrators available for every version.

Customization and setup


  • Easy setup and customization via Cumulus Server Console.
  • Customization of interface via CSS.
  • Extremely fast and easy upgrade of software.



  • Works as a web app in Cumulus Web Solutions.
  • No need for additional Cumulus licenses.
  • Supports Cumulus 10 and 11.
Visit the Attention Web Platform live demo!


Attention Web Platform Enterprise

5.000 €

The price includes unlimited configurable web-applications and one year of update subscription. Renewal of the update subscription the following years, represents 18% of the total price without discount.

Attention Web Platform Basic

2.500 €

The price includes configuration for two web-applications and one year of update subscription. Renewal of the update subscription the following years, represents 18% of the total price without discount.

5 additional web-applications

1.000 €

If you need additional configurable web-applications for AWP Basic, you can purchase additional 5-license packs for this.

Contact a partner

Attention Modules are sold via a network of international Cumulus partners, 

who can also provide technical service and support.

See Partner list

If you can’t find your preferred partner on the list, please contact us.

See it in action

The Danish Railway Museum uses Attention Web Platform and Attention Video Manager

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The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation

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The Danish Museum, Bornholms Museum, uses Attention Web Platform and Attention Video Manager

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This is the Attention Demo Site, which uses both Attention Web Platform and Attention Video Manager

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